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This limited edition bundle comes with 3 autographed copies (1 each) of Eric Lives Here's "Misplaced Mistakes," "Night is Young" and "High on Life" albums. 

As part of a rebrand, most of these songs will be removed from digital download/streaming services in 2018, so these CDs are the only way to make sure you have this piece of ELH history! CD Pack also comes with 2 autographed stickers. 


  • Every copy is personally autographed by Eric Lives Here lead singer/songwriter Mike Thiel.
  • Once these CDs are sold out, they are sold out. There will be no more replication of these albums. 
  • Track listings below. 


  • "Misplaced Mistakes" tracks:
    1. Just Go
    2. Oh oo Whoa
    3. Gold
    4. Remember to Breathe
    5. Tongue in Cheek


  • "Night is Young" tracks:
    1.Made in the '80s (Intro)
    2. Made in the '80s
    3. Night is Young
    4. Party Town
    5. Just Got Away

    6. Miami
    7. Just Go
    8. Take Me Home
    9. Breakin' Up
    10. Night is Young (Instrumental)
  • "High on Life" tracks: 

1. Rock River
2. Man Cave
3. Nonstop to Mexico
4. Cool Girls in Hot Pants
5. Love Is
6. Night is Young (White Raven Remix)

LIMITED: Autographed CD 3-Pack

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