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Eric Lives Here is a solo project gone mad. 


The one-man band, fronted by singer/songwriter Von Eric (aka Mike Thiel), has evolved into one of the most innovative musical hybrids of the modern era. Blending melodic sensibility with intense electronic tracks and extreme hooks, Eric Lives Here has become the leader in electronic sports rock. 


In a genre of its own, Eric Lives Here shattered the mold in 2017 with its breakout hit “MVP:” an anthem that earned a regular spot on playlists of massive tailgates and stadiums around the world. 


The song also caught the attention of FOX Sports, who globally launched the song into the homes of sports fans with thousands of features. ESPN, TNT and DirecTV Sports, as well as the NHL, NFL and NBA also agreed the song was the perfect fit for their fans. In fact, by the end of 2018, over half of NBA teams had featured “MVP.”

It was this momentum that made “MVP” the bedrock of the new Eric Lives Here era, leading to radio play on major stations such as KISS FM and landed ELH as the weekly in-house DJ at a coveted USA TODAY Network NFL show in 2019.


Molding a sound truly unique to today’s market, Eric Lives Here is releasing several new bravado-laden singles in the new year (inking another 2019 deal with FOX Sports, PAC-12 Network and more) and continues to build one of today’s most referenced game day song catalogs.


Action Lives Here. 

Intensity Lives Here. 

Eric Lives Here.