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Fronted by lead singer/songwriter Mike Thiel, Eric Lives Here is a solo project gone mad.


Originally corralling six members to perform and record an acoustic-driven EP (“Misplaced Mistakes”) in 2006, Thiel accidentally launched Eric Lives Here, a band that would perform across their home state of Wisconsin and the Midwest for the next two years. However, the band was never prepared to continue as a group and after a three-year hiatus, Thiel officially relaunched the band — on purpose this time — by himself. 


The result was LP “The Night is Young,” which Thiel co-penned in Los Angeles the summer of 2011. It was a revelation for ELH, for the album yielded the outfit’s first commercial hit “Night is Young,” which broke radio waves for the first time on KISS FM and became the first song inducted into the K107.1 Hall of Fame. 


It quickly reestablished the act as radio rockers and laid the groundwork for ELH’s 2014 EP “High on Life,” which the band coined “Stadium Rock Country.” Recorded in Nashville, the EP’s lead single, “Rock River,” received favorable airplay and became the first unsigned song in KISS FM history to chart on the station’s revered “Out of Order at 8” countdown show.


The success prompted Thiel to move Eric Lives Here to Nashville shortly after, where he could concentrate on his next songwriting project, “Stripped, Vol.1.” Successfully overfunded (126%) by a Kickstarter campaign, the 10-song LP came to life in August 2016, so far yielding singles “She Makes the Moonshine” and “I Won’t Walk Away,” which have received airplay on NASH FM (Country) and KISS FM (Top 40) respectively, among other radio stations. 


Releasing tracks influenced by rock, country, blues, pop and hip-hop (as well as EDM remixes), Eric Lives Here has become a leader in the post-genre generation. It’s no wonder these crossover songs have been added to major TV network databases, licensed by professional sports teams and debuted at Sundance Film Festival. 


The now five-piece band, with Thiel still at the center, rotates live players in Nashville, Los Angeles and Wisconsin, lighting up crowds with their communal live experience. Pounding the stage with flashy choruses and shout backs, the legion of ELH fans know this is one show that must go on.  -ELH